Shopping madness

I’ve spent weeks pondering over what to get my dearly beloved husband for Christmas.  Finally I came up with something I know he will love (and I’m going to keep it a surprise so I won’t even mention what it is here in case of any security leaks).  Only problem was, the item in question was rather over my budget.  In the end I decided I would get it for him anyway (after all I am really certain he will love this, and he is generally a nice guy who deserves the odd treat!).  I went off to the shops this morning (no, I’m not always this organized this far in advance), and there was said item, wait for it, HALF PRICE!  Which makes it perfectly within my original budget!  Wow!  So I snaffled it up fast.  And I sure am grateful for this blessing.

It wasn’t a completely successful trip, though (are they ever?  And after my astounding present buying success who am I to complain?).  Despite it being on my list, I still managed to forget to buy second class stamps.  Having moved over to making my own bread with spelt flour (just for me, haven’t converted rest of household to this yet) six weeks ago, my supermarket has today decided to stop stocking the flour.  Clearly I was the only person purchasing it, and not enough of it to stop them axing the line.  So now I have to find another supplier.  Annoying, but I suspect that will still prove easier than finding a pair of boots.  I would like a pair of brown leather boots that I can actually stand up and walk around in (I feel that is a basic requirement for footwear, manufacturers don’t seem to agree with me).  I do not want to look as if I’ve just escaped from the military.  I do not wish to drill holes in floors with my heels.  Is it really too much to ask?  Oh, and if they could be half price, too . . .!



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2 responses to “Shopping madness

  1. Kate! That is fantastic! 🙂 Half price! Yes! 🙂
    Now, I’m eager to find out what it is!

    Boots – I’ve been fortunate to find several pairs for next to nothing. And they always come just when I need them, not before. 🙂

  2. vicaragekate

    I’ve hidden it away where my husband can’t find it. I’m sure he’ll be delighted with it – and it will be the first year I’ve been ready so early!
    As for the boots, you are right – when I truly need them they will be there, and they will be the right price.

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