She is not afraid of snow

We are told it is going to be a cold winter this year.  Bitterly cold, after our hottest ever summer.  I’m worried and fearful.  Gas prices (our home is heated by gas central heating)  have gone up, and up, and up – around 60% in 13 months.  My husband’s stipend has not gone up.  Gas and electricity took up 1/12th of our income last year, and we weren’t exactly toasty warm all the time.  I worry and worry. 

And then, suddenly, I get the urge to read Proverbs 31.  It leaps out at me, “She is not afraid of snow for her household, for all her household is clothed with scarlet.”  “She is not afraid,” – the good wife has made the preparations she can make, for the rest she trusts in the Lord.  That very verse calms me, takes the fear away.  I’ve hardly ever experienced snow.  The little I have seen is beautiful.  My husband longs for a white Christmas.  I’m no longer afraid and worried.  I’m ready to experience and enjoy winter.  We will wear more jumpers, warm up with hot soup, listen to my father-in-law’s stories of snows in his childhood.  And we will be even more aware of how richly the Lord has blessed us.  Let it snow!


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