Room for more

A large Vicarage may be hard to heat, but there is plenty of space to stretch out in.  How many homes could have several people playing football (yep, those confirmation classes again) with a dog in the hallway without it being a problem?  Earlier on in the year we decided that we would use this blessing of space more wisely by renting out the spare room, on a short-stay, dinner-bed-and-breakfast basis, to foreign students over here to learn English at a language school.  This would use our resources (me as homemaker, spare room) more wisely, improve our finances, and enable us through our hospitality, relationships and example to witness to the Lord.  As you can imagine the financial benefits are not huge (about £60 profit per week), but are very welcome.  All the students we have been privileged to host have been very pleasant and respectful to us and our home.  The idea of hosting an 18 year old Polish boy for a month made us very nervous, but he was one of the ones we missed the most!  We kept the atlas by the dining room table, and our knowledge of geography grew in leaps and bounds.  One of the students we hosted, a young man from Korea, stayed on in England after he left us, signing up for a long course at the school and going into a flat-share with some of his compatriots.  About three weeks ago, he contacted us.  Could he move back in?  Yes!  While he was happy in his flat-share and had made some good friends, he wasn’t getting the opportunities to practice English that he had living with us.  We were delighted to welcome him back, and he moved in last night.  We don’t know how long he will be with us for, possibly up to six months.  My father-in-law is enjoying being treated with old-fashioned Asian respect again, and my husband and I are reminded to treat each other in a way that brings glory to God, showing forth the Kingdom values in our relationship with each other.



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2 responses to “Room for more

  1. Kate, what a wonderful thing to do! I’m glad that it works out this way for you. 🙂

    I am absolutely loving reading about your life. It is good to be able to “get a picture” of what things are like in the vicarage! 🙂

  2. Thanks for sharing this information. Really is pack with new knowledge. Keep them coming.

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