The Sky is the limit

My father-in-law has gone to stay with his alcoholic cousin for a few days (oh, my, that could be several posts of explanation in itself, but I won’t bore you, at least not today).  This means that I have access to FIL’s TV which has Sky (satellite TV).  I shall take the ironing and my embroidery, and spend the whole afternoon glued to the box wondering why I can’t find anything that is worth watching.  At least then the spell will be broken, and I will be free to leave the telly alone.  Worse, I might actually get sucked in to the True Movies channels and end up spending every spare hour watching them until my father-in-law returns.  Every so often, my husband shames me in public over my love for these films.  He has not forgiven me for the time he sat through one with me only for it to flash up in the credits at the end of the film that it was a work of fiction.  When the subject comes up, he spends a long time muttering about “these true life stories that aren’t true at all. . . waste of time. . .mumble, grumble.”


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