My husband has been doing his Christmas shopping today (Monday is his day off, you see).  On the way home he said to me that he has a great present which will be perfect for either me or Madison.  Which leaves me with a great big mental question mark as Madison is the cat.  Other than a tin of tuna what could he possibly have come up with that would be suitable for either his wife or his cat???  I can’t help but be worried.  And curious.  Ah, well, he did say he wanted to surprise me this year!

I have finally found a pair of boots.  They are a dark brown, Victorian style, with a nice rounded toe (I have wide feet), sensible soles, and a very lady-like heel.  Not reduced, but they were cheaper than I’d budgeted.  So, success at last.  It has been raining heavily over the week-end, so it will be nice to be able to keep my feet dry!


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  1. That is very funny. The suspense would kill me. I love the snippits of life you write about on your blog.

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