Just waiting for Curly and Larry to show

We have been living in our vicarage for just over 2 years now, and for that entire time I’ve been aware that a curtain track in our living room needs replacing.  Our other two windows have hidden curtain tracks, but this one is an all too visible hideous plastic track that is parting company with the wall.  My choice (moving forward from the “we’ll just live with it as it is” position), is to replace it with a wooden pole.  I finally found the right length curtain pole in a local store yesterday.  I paid for it and started to negotiate my way through the store’s china and glassware department (yup, that was the only way out).  As you can imagine, I was moving very slowly with extreme caution, clutching my 2 metre long package.  I moved gently towards the door, only to meet resistance with the top of the curtain pole.  I looked up and saw that we had come into contact with the store’s Christmas decorations.  A large purple bauble detached itself and bounced all the way to the back of the store in exquisite slow motion (such as to attract everyone’s attention).  Feeling as if I’d escaped from an episode of The Three Stooges, I shouldered my burden and prepared to trudge the 1/2 mile back home.


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