Works-For-Me Wednesday


I’ve discovered that by making enough fruitcake mix for an 8 inch cake tin I can make a 6 inch Christmas cake and 6 small (1-2 person size) cakes to give as gifts.  For the small cakes I use standard (410 g /ml) food tins (cans), washed out and lined with baking parchment (as with a normal cake tin).  I marzipan them, ice them and top them with a paper holly decoration, then wrap in cellophane.  They seem to be welcomed as gifts, especially by singles and by couples who might not do any baking.  The cost to us is very small as I was baking an 8 inch cake before, and the shrinking of our own cake has gone unnoticed! (As a general rule of thumb, six of the little cakes seem to bake in half the time it takes the 6 inch cake to bake – this year that was 2hrs for the littles, 4 1/4 hrs for the 6″, all in the [fan] oven together at 130.)

see Shannon at  for more great works-for-me tips.



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3 responses to “Works-For-Me Wednesday

  1. Great idea! Thank you for sharing it!

  2. I am going to have to use this idea. Thanks for sharing.

  3. I like to give mini cakes as well. Our family tradition is baking a datenut bread and we eat it every Christmas morning.

    My holiday WFMW is up!

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