Sink or swim

Things have been frantic here for the past fortnight and I have been anything but calm and collected.  

First of all, we had our Christmas Fayre on Saturday.  Nobody was willing to organize it so suddenly my husband and I ended up doing almost all the work (only almost because 80 year old darling Joyce did a huge amount of baking).  My husband had to go away to a mandatory clergy conference for the week running up to the Fayre (which, of course, leaves a back log of work which he is now trying to catch up with).  A more inconvenient time for a conference would have been hard to pick.  The Fayre was actually a success – we raised £1400, double what we had thought it would be, and only slightly more than the much better organized Fayre two years ago.  So our fundraising was blessed, but everything was so frantic that I don’t actually feel we did a good job.

Next, we are hosting the deanery Confirmations this Sunday.  We have twelve candidates of our own for confirmation, and various other churches from around our area are bringing candidates to us as well.  Yes, it is an honour.  It is also a lot of hard work.  For me, this means a lengthy order of service to type and format in an already busy time.  (I am now hoping not to be doing the printing and compiling!)  There is also an extra scary side to the confirmation service which is that I will be a main voice in a small choir – one of our better voices is being confirmed so won’t be singing with us, our best voice has just had a foot operation (the owner of the voice, obviously) so can’t be around.  I was brought up being told I couldn’t sing, and the choir will be relying on me this Sunday (for the morning worship and for the confirmations).  Slightly worrying!  I have bad dreams in which I put choirs, organists and whole congregations out of tune. . .

To cap it all, Baby Jesus is missing (see separate post), we have friends visiting on Saturday when Simon has a wedding so won’t be around for a large chunk of their visit, my mother wants to come and stay before Christmas, the dog might need a visit to the vet (ears – he is a spaniel, it comes with the breed), I need to have anothermen look away now– cervical smear – men may continue reading now, the curtains and curtain pole have fallen down, Christmas cards need writing and sending, I have an apron to make, an embroidery to finish for a friend, a hem to sew, cakes to marzipan and wrap, more orders of service to type up, new pieces of music to learn for the carol service, a rose bush has fallen over in the garden, the carpets need to be steam-cleaned, and, and . . .

Writing this all up it really doesn’t sound half as bad as it has been. 


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