And the lot fell upon. . .

I have been frantic and things have been chaotic, but I have been aware of quite a few blessings over the past fortnight, especially in the food and drink department. 

Our Korean student has been working 3 nights a week at a Japanese restaurant and has been bringing his work home with him!  He has brought home a variety of left-overs after each shift.  Eating raw fish and seaweed for breakfast seemed a little strange at first, but it is surprisingly good!

We were given some left-over desserts from a tea party on Sunday, perfect as I had just realised I’d failed to make anything for pudding!

A sweet lady from church, Ruth G, brought round some delicious mutton pilau as a surprise for us and saved me cooking one night.  She has very kindly treated us to her cooking a few times before, but always refuses to eat with us.  Our drink blessing is linked to her as well.  We had put out a call for bottles for the bottle tombola in church and she called around a fortnight ago and dropped off a beatifully boxed bottle of champagne.  I admired it (as I do all donations) and she said to me (imagine an Anglo-Indian/ Burmese accent) “Oh, my girl, you keep it for yourself.  Have a treat for you and Simon.”  I thanked her but said that I would, of course, put it on the bottle stall where she had intended it to go.  Well, I won it!  I was utterly astonished when my ticket came up for it.  Ruth wasn’t.  “Well, you see you were meant to have it,” she said!  This same lady keeps telling my husband and I that we will have a daughter, that she has dreamed this more than once . . .



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2 responses to “And the lot fell upon. . .

  1. Isn’t it the best when you don’t have to think about meals? I don’t know if I could handle raw fish any time of the day.

  2. Ah Kate, it is so good to catch up with you. Or rather, almost catch up with you since you are in such haste! (You reminded me that I need to send Christmas cards. I almost forgot!)

    I’ve loved reading about your curtains, and activities, and am sad about the baby Jesus. I know you have the REAL one, but I hope you find the one that goes with the nativity set!

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