Of curtains, rats and hens

Well, things are just as weird and frantic as they were before (or maybe things aren’t, but I am).

The good news is that the curtain pole is up with curtains on it, and has stayed up for almost a week now.  I put it up during one of my sleepless nights last week (maybe sleep deprivation has honed my DIY skills?).  My WordPress dashboard tells me that someone found this blog as a result of a word search for “putting up a curtain rail problems.”  My heart goes out to this person who has doubtless gone away peeved at the lack of constructive suggestions here.  (try sleep deprivation??!)

With Sunday afternoon came the revelation that we have a rat in our garage.  It ran over my father-in-law’s foot, and he hasn’t been near the garage since (my FIL, that is).  My father-in-law gleefully suggested that there was probably more than one rat (my thoughts had also gone there), “in fact,” said my father-in-law, “there are probably eight”.  Why “eight” we do not know, but anyhow a rat hunt was obviously in order.  So, first thing on Monday morning (my husband’s day off, the day we keep all our treats for, ha ha), having fortified ourselves with a cup of tea, we headed for the garage.  We thought we would use the dog to flush out the rat which I would then hope to kill with the hoe (the spade being missing), or perhaps the dog would obligingly do the whole job for us.  The dog refused to co-operate, however, but we did still manage to clear the garage of the one (yes, just one) rat that was there.  Yep, the garage is now rat free.  The rat has moved into the shed.

Later on in the day when we were visiting some elderly friends in the country, however, the dog proved that his hunting skills were pretty good.  He got into a neighbour’s garden and killed two hens.  He was working on the third when my husband managed to catch him and put a stop to all the killing.  The house owners were out so my husband left a note, thankfully they are taking it in their stride.


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One response to “Of curtains, rats and hens

  1. Your f-i-l sound hilarious. Why eight? lol. We had a “rat”–some largish, furryish creature behind our couch the other day. After it ran out of the room, we armed ourselves with rackets and brooms attempting to flush it out of its new hidie hole and put it out of our misery. We never found it. I believe that it had just gotten in through the dryer exhause hole and that it left by the same hole. Needless to say, the afore mentioned hole is now blocked!

    Sorry about the hens. I’m glad the people are understanding.

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