Boring health ramble (after first paragraph)

Well, some things have improved.  First of all, my husband has found Baby Jesus (the crib figure, that is) who is no more damaged than he was last Christmas.  He was found in a bag of children’s books where he had obviously been unceremoniously dumped during a very ineffective church cupboard clear-out a few months back.  Secondly, both church and home and now equipped with Christmas trees.  I have even managed to decorate our tree, and make mince pies.  As some of the trappings are finally falling into place, I am beginning to get a touch paranoid about the Christmas pudding (thank you, Leigh Ann!).  Note to self:  don’t forget to defrost turkey!

On the down side, I have had a dreadful case of a stomach bug which is going around here.  I don’t know how I picked it up (probably in the waiting room at the doctors’), but I have been struck down with appallingly terrible diarrhoea which has lasted for five days (though I only had a fever for two days).  I am up and about again, although not moving very fast, nor very far from a loo!  I have dropped a few pounds though, so not all bad. 

I was terrified I wouldn’t be well enough to attend my cervical smear today.  I had my routine 3-yearly one in June and it came back “borderline,” and I was told to report back in December to repeat the test.  Our organist’s mother checks smears for a living and she assured me that “borderline” cases are just passing infections, nothing to be worried about.  Then, coincidentally, I found myself talking to a woman who herself had had a “borderline” smear and ended up having an operation etc, etc.  My doctor who is somewhat lacking in the bedside manner department, but who at least admits mistakes, was the most enlightening:

“Either it will be clear, in which case they will probably want to repeat again next year just to check, or it won’t be and you’ll have a colposcopy, six monthly checks. . . nothing to worry about.”

Most people wouldn’t have been reassured!  Statistically speaking it is unlikely that there is anything to worry about.  What does perplex me is the idea that I might have had a passing infection.  What kind of infection?  How could I have got it?  Why no symptoms?  And again, how. . .?

I won’t have the results for several weeks (probably in February) – it usually takes a good 4 weeks and with Christmas and New Year holidays in the way will be longer.  The idea of having to cancel today’s appointment and putting things back another month was not appealling!  So, I am very grateful that I was well enough to get it done today (even though I really, really, really hate having smears taken).  It is done now, so I can put it aside and concentrate on Christmas.


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  1. I didn’t mean to jinx you. In the words of Bob Cratchit, I’m sure it will be, “another triumph, my dear”.
    Praying that your tests come back clear. It is all the waiting that kills me. I want to know now! Hope you feel better soon. Nothing like a stomach bug to make the season feel cheery and bright.

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