My new Christmas tradition

geffrye-museum.jpg Yesterday I had a whole day off from domestic duties!  (apart from dog-walking)  A few months ago I booked to go to the Royal Ballet’s performance of the Nutcracker at the Royal Opera House, Covent Garden.  The last two years I have been to different performances of the Nutcracker in London over the Christmas season, and it has started to become a bit of a personal tradition with me.  Last year I didn’t really enjoy myself much, I was thinking far too much about what I still needed to get done to relax properly.  This year I was determined I would enjoy myself.  I go on my own since Simon isn’t as keen about the ballet as I am, so why pay for him to come under duress?  Going on my own means there is no bar to fitting in a trip before Christmas (when even fitting in meals is difficult for my husband on some days).

I decided to make a whole day out of it this year, so first I went up to the Geffrye Museum in Shoreditch.  This is a very small museum (and free!) which displays what the living room of a middle class English family would have looked like from 1630 to the present day.  You walk through a succession of period living rooms seeing domestic history unfold.  In recent years, in December, the museum has decorated each of the rooms to show how they would have looked at Christmas-time.  (The picture above – sorry about the size, I could either have it minute or huge – is of the Elizabethan and Jacobean room, 1580-1640, set up for Christmas festivities.  The displays have been changed this year and this room no longer exists in this way).  I looked round, imagining life at each period in time, and then had lunch in their reasonably-priced cafe (waitress service) all on my own (a first for me).  Then off I went to Covent Garden and the ballet which was lovely – all sparkly, sparkly and wonderful scenery – and I did relax and enjoy it.  Back home I spent the evening doing my nails and watching the Muppet Christmas Carol which I’d never seen before (and great fun it is too!). 

I now feel a bit more calm and relaxed (but I have had to give up on the idea of making an apron for this Christmas!)


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  1. I think you made the better choice! It sounds lovely, AND as much as I like aprons, it can wait. Maybe you could make a lovely red one for Valentines? 🙂

    I’m thinking I probably should come join you for the ballet next year. 🙂 I’ll even do your nails FOR you, if you’ll not let me get lost in Covent Gardens.

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