For those of you who wanted to know what it was I got my husband for Christmas it was. . . cue: drumroll. . .

A Record Player.

(As you can see we are really into technology in this household!)  And, yes, he does like his present, and is reawakening memories of younger days with his record collection (not so great for the rest of us, but hey he’s happy!).  I was sure that he’d guessed what I got him, but he hadn’t so was actually surprised.  Success!

He gave me a lovely pair of brown suede gloves – perfect!

The present that “would be great either for you or for Madison (the cat)” did go to the cat.  It turned out to be a running toy hamster in a ball.  I think the humans have had more fun with it than the cat, though.



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  1. What a thoughtful gift! Just goes to prove that you don’t have to buy the latest high-tech gadget to make someone happy. I got my husband and brother a version of a little handheld game that they both had growing up. We are talking red dashes flashing on the screen (that’s how low tech it is), and they both loved it.
    Your little Christmas tradition sounds very nice.

  2. Ah. So that’s what it was. That is great! 🙂 That’s exactly what my dad wanted a couple of years ago. Something to play his old records on! (Because – heaven knows…he would never throw anything out. 🙂 )

    I’m glad your hubby was surprised.

    And did you find your boots yet?

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