Aargh! Aaargh!

My husband and I managed to wake each other up screaming in the middle of the night last night.  I’d finally just dozed off, and my husband had been asleep for quite a while, when my husband spoke in his sleep.  This startled me, and my screaming and thrashing about set him off.  So there we were screaming and thrashing about (the cat contented herself with a leap off the bed to safety).  So what did my husband say in his sleep to cause such alarm in me?  “Hello.”  My, oh, my, this won’t do my insomnia any good!  The image of both of us staring at each other and screaming has stuck with my husband who started laughing heartily over his morning mug of tea in bed as it all came back to him.  Nice to start the day laughing, even if it does lead to tea being spilt everywhere.


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