Well, here’s the news

The news is basically that there is no news, nor will there be for another fortnight.  What am I wittering on about?  Well, my husband and I finally went back to the adoption agency we contacted some 18 months ago.  At the time we hadn’t long moved in here and they felt we needed more time to settle in both to the place and, for my husband, to his work.  We had an interview on Thursday afternoon with the same social worker we saw originally.  She seems very nice, she clearly has a real heart for her work, and has plenty of experience behind her, so I trust her judgement.  We are now waiting for her to meet with her colleagues and discuss our details.  If we are approved we will go on a training course, and then the real application and approval process will begin.  So, for now we wait and continue praying that if this is God’s will for us the way may be smooth, and if it is not God’s will for us we may know so clearly.

As I understand it, adoption in the US is rather different to here in the UK (don’t know anything about other countries).  In the UK there are hardly any healthy white babies (because of legal abortion and the lack of stigma attached to single motherhood) to be placed with adoptive families (and trans-racial adoptions are rarely carried out as they are felt to be unfair on the child).  Children available for adoption are generally 3 years and older, and they have been through disruption, possibly neglect, abuse, trauma, as a result of which they are being cared for by the state. 


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  1. It is a slow process and sometimes it feels as though there is no progress at all. There are periods of activity (adoption prep training, the assessment) and waiting (after approval panel). Once a match has been found it really can move very quickly. Its seems like a long journey at the start but it really is only the beginning. Once a child (children) has been placed with you then whole new journey begins and all the waiting and processes you have to go through seem to fade away.

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