wfmwheader.jpgMost of my best ideas come accidentally, and are ones others alaready know about, and this is one of them!

We are blessed with an open fire in our living room here, and we light it once or twice a week in the winter.  Trying to light it the other week I put a candle stub in there, and the fire caught fantastically well.  This is, of course, an old trick that our great-grandmothers use to use (coincidentally two days later I read about this in a history book), but most of us have forgotten about it.  It works really well, it is very cheap (well, free really since we’re using bits of candle we couldn’t have used otherwise), and it cuts down on waste.  The end bits of birthday cake candles can also be used!



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  1. Now THIS I needed to know! We always struggles with our fire. Thanks for the tip!

  2. I wouldn’t have thought of this! It’s a great idea!
    We’ve been enjoying putting rosemary in our fire place to burn this year…just a few sprigs from the garden and everything smells wonderful!

    I love winter!


  3. vicaragekate

    rosemary on the fire – great idea, will try that!

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