Weather and menu

Well, our snow had melted by yesterday afternoon, and we only had a light frost this morning.  When I was on the Common walking the dog, however, it started to snow heavily.  It was amazing! Everything started turning white.  I was so cold, despite my many layers, that I cut our walk short.  By the time I’d got home it had stopped snowing, and it has all melted again!  Tonight is meant to be our coldest night this week, though.  We have had the heating on for most of this morning, and we’re still not feeling too warm.  We are also feeling like terrible wimps – maybe we won’t plan on moving to Alaska!  How do those of you who live with lots of snow in winter manage?  I stand in awe.

Astonishingly both our Korean student and my father-in-law are away this week.  Our student has gone snow-boarding in France and then is going to visit Prague, and my FIL is visiting his cousin.  So, my husband and I are totally alone in our home this week!  (We’ve made a pact not to quarrel this time!).  I’m pretty much taking a break from cooking this week and we’re going for some calorie controlled eating – so I have a few low-cal ready meals, and some of my home-made frozen “ready meals,” and we are eating them with lots of additional veg, and with slow-cooker leek soups for lunch.  (Also have some low-cal desserts for my husband).

Tonight is Burns night so we should be having our haggis, neeps and tatties, but as I have enough haggis for four I will save it until we have our usual houseful (of people, obviously, not of haggis).


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