I have just spent a full ten minutes looking for the beaters to my electric hand mixer.  Mixer and attachments live in their box in a cupboard, but the last person to use the mixer was my husband when he cooked on my birthday.  I looked in all the obvious places – cutlery drawers, dishwasher, draining board.  I searched in all the less obvious places – ingredients cupboards, with the plates and mugs, the drawer where I keep all the small strange items that might come in useful some day in extraordinary circumstances.  I considered ringing my husband in the Church, but decided that was pointless as he’d never remember where he’d put them anyway.  I even looked in the study.  (Maybe he’d wandered off to answer the ‘phone with them in his hand, maybe they are a visual aid for tomorrow’s sermon?)  Finally I found them.  They were in the kitchen, on the empty top shelf of the cupboard they live in, beyond my reach and out of the range of my sight when standing on the floor.  Life with Simon really is honing my household search and find skills.


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  1. This is what happens to me whenever my mother or mother-in-law visit. For the next week after I leave I am finding thing in places that I would least expect. But, hey, at least I am not the one cooking or cleaning.

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