Well, I never knew that . . .

The gospel reading yesterday was the presentation of Jesus in the Temple (Luke 2. 21-40).  Our (adult) reader was reading nice and clearly when he announced that Joseph and Mary had offered a sacrifice of “a pair of turtle-doves or two young penguins“.  He did correct himself quickly, but he had already said it, and we had all heard.  We are a forgiving congregation and also fond of the odd bit of comic relief.    Some of us do wish to keep that momentary mental image of penguins waddling around the Temple in Jerusalem, though!  Ah, simple pleasures!


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  1. That’s funny. We always sniggered at my dad when he pronounced “naked” when he preached (usually from Genesis). It always came out “nec-ked”. The one that always raises my eyebrows is when they add or take away a “not”. It brings out some pretty odd theology. Like, “blessed are the pure in heart for they shall not see God.” Things that make you go, “Hhhmmm”.

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