Duggar family

While my father-in-law was staying with his cousin last week, I made frequent use of his satelite TV.  I feel that with so many channels there must be something on that I would enjoy.  In actual fact I’ve discovered that there rarely is anything on that I feel is worth watching.  This time, however, I caught two documentaries on the Duggar family.  In case you haven’t heard of them they are a deeply Christian family in Arkansas with 16 children (at the time of the documentary).  They homeschool, and have been debt-free for 15+ years.  I heard of them for the first time about a year ago when I saw another documentary about them on FIL’s TV.  Then as now, seeing a glimpse of them and their lives put a smile on my face and on my heart.  I can’t articulate it any better than I could a year ago – I just felt cheered by them.

One thing that stood out for me was that they seem to cultivate love and respect.  Each and every member of that family seems to treat everyone else with love and respect.  They seem to me a wonderful model and example of Christian family life and love. 


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