Bible alphabet song

We had a social evening with fundraiser at Church last night, and one lady, sang a song she had learnt at her mother’s knee some 60 years ago when she was a little girl in Montserrat.  Here are the words:

  • A is for Adam who was the first man. 
  • B is for Bethlehem where Christ was born
  • C is for Cain who killed his brother Abel
  • D is for Daniel who was cast in the lion’s den
  • E is for Elijah who was taken up to heaven
  • F is for Flood which drowned the earth
  • G is for the Giant Goliath that was slain by David
  • H is for Hannah who gave her son Samuel to the Lord
  • I is for Isaac the son of Abraham
  • J is for Jacob to whom the angels appeared in a dream
  • K is for Korah who was swallowed up by the earth
  • L is for Lazarus whom Christ raised from the dead
  • M is for Methuselah the oldest man
  • N is for Nazareth the home of Christ
  • O is for Olivet the mount on which Jesus prayed
  • P is for Pharoah who was drowned in the Red Sea
  • Q is for the Queen of Sheba who visited Solomon
  • R is for Rome where Paul was put in prison
  • S is for Sodom the city destroyed by fire
  • T is for Troas where Paul preached all night
  • U is for Uzzah who steadied the ark
  • V is for Vine which represents Christ
  • W is for Watchmen on the walls of Zion
  • X is for Xerxes the king of Persia
  • Y is for Yoke the yoke of Christ
  • Z is for Zion the home of the blest.

(Setting things to music sure does make them easier to remember, and we were all charmed by this song and all demanded copies of the words.)



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2 responses to “Bible alphabet song

  1. so, what’s the tune? 🙂

  2. vicaragekate

    I don’t have the technology to share an audio, unfortunately. To be honest tune wasn’t exactly the strong point of the song (it was a bit more chant than catchy tune) – so feel free to compose your own!

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