I’ve just got back from my weekly supermarket shop.  The menu for this week is:

  • Sunday – roast beef with all the trimmings; white chocolate cheesecake with raspberries
  • Monday – chicken in a Mediterranean tomato sauce, baby olive oil roast potatoes, roast veg;  frangipane and sour cherry tart (shop bought!)  – this was what I’d planned for last Saturday before I remembered we had a Church social
  • Tuesday – lunch – spelt flour pancakes with maple syrup and blueberries;   dinner – haggis, neeps (swede), and tatties (potatoes); ice cream
  • Wednesday – lunch – lentil soup;  dinner – meatballs in tomato sauce, pasta;  spiced, poached pears
  • Thursday – yesterday’s soup;   dinner – Thai yellow chicken curry, rice;  peach crumble
  • Friday – lunch – chicken and bean soup;  dinner – (one guest) cod fillets wrapped in bacon baked with a creamy spinach sauce, green beans, spinach with leeks, baby potatoes;  Tiramisu
  • Saturday – lunch – yesterday’s soup;  dinner – sausage casserole, mashed potatoes, mushrooms; pancakes (the traditional sort with sugar and lemon – my father-in-law’s favourite)
  • Sunday – roast pork with all the trimmings! and apple pie

A big change we have just made is to switch to free-range chicken.  Yes, it really has taken us a long time.  My husband has repeatedly said that that is what we should do, and while I agreed in principle, I was always swayed by cost.  We made the switch to free-range eggs several years ago, but I always held back when it came to the meat.  Instead if the factory farmed breast portions I used to buy I have now started buying free-range leg and thigh portions, cooking them and removing the meat, then making stock as a base for soup.  I am also aiming to buy all our meat free-range, not just the chicken (Sunday’s roast pork is outdoor reared).  Yes, it will cost more, but it is a lot better for the animals and also a lot healthier for us.  (I should have done as my husband suggested long ago!)



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2 responses to “Menu

  1. MrsC

    We don’t eat that much meat, but when we do I like to buy free range, I think it taste better, and like you say, it must be better for the animals. Just found you blog by the way, I will be back as they say.

  2. We are trying to go more on the free range for meats and dairy. We already get good milk, butter and eggs from a local dairy, but I think we need to bite the bullet and do meat as well. Eventually, we would like to raise some of our own meat on this mini farm, but that is far in the future. I need to get a garden in first.

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