High tea and a Church social

We had a Church social on Saturday evening – a promises auction with talent show and bring-and-share meal.  It was a fun evening with a great atmosphere.  As always the food was wonderful – we are and ethnically diverse Church and the food on offer always reflects this.  The talent show was fun, and the auction was a succesful fund-raiser. 

I did bid for a much-needed sewing lesson (I need help to work out how to make an apron), but that went beyond my budget (the lady offering the lesson has kindly offered to give me some free guidance, though!).  Most of the auction lots went to a small number of very generous people.  We offered “high tea, and croquet on the Vicarage lawn for 2.”  To my amazement that went for £45 (about US $70).  I think you could get high tea at the Ritz for that so I do hope our purchasers will not be disappointed!

I had never been to a promises auction before and I was curious to see what was on offer.  The lots included a Nigerian cookery lesson, day trip in car, flower arranging, cleaning, ironing, baby sitting, shopping trip in car, dinner for 4, a massage, a weekend’s bed and breakfast in the country, a pre-driving test assessment, computer help, and shopping done for you.  Those offering “promises” had to get up and explain precisely what they were offering.  Just before it was our turn my husband leaned towards me and said, “what exactly does High Tea involve?” – this from the man who had suggested we offer this in the first place!  (This reminds me of the very little I remember of my maternal grandfather:  pouring out tea and raising the teapot high above the cup going “high tea” then putting it close to the cup and saying “low tea”.)

After we got back home, I realised that we don’t have a tea set (we usually use mugs, and *shock, horror* usually brew tea in the mug even though we have a teapot).  Now I have an excuse to buy one! 



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3 responses to “High tea and a Church social

  1. MrsC

    Your Church social sounded like great fun. The promises auction is a good idea, people have so much to offer others. I am sure you could find a free pattern online for your apron. When you buy your tea set, make sure it’s a pretty one 🙂

  2. Anne Marie just broke my favorite tea pot, but such is life. We love tea. But I am weird, I drink mine without milk or cream. I will never forget the time I flew British Air and the look on the stewards face when I refused milk for my tea. I think I committed the unpardonable sin.

  3. Hi, I am just jumping around to different blogs and landed on yours. It was fun to hear about someone else and their living. Our church gets together once a month for what we call dinner on the grounds. Everyone brings something -usually comfort food. We have lots of good cooks.
    Nice talking. It is such fun to talk to someone so far away.

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