Snowy House Well, it has snowed here as forecast, and most of Britain is apparently coming to a standstill as a result, with train services being disrupted, some airports closed. . .  Here in London we have had a full 2 inches and it is still snowing, but it is all beginning to melt.  Fortunately neither my husband nor I need to drive anywhere today, everything we are doing is within walking distance.  It is fabulous to see our grimy urban environment covered in a blanket of pure white snow.  The air feels so clean, too.  I wrapped up well and put on waterproofs to walk the dog – and even tried making snow angels!  While I trudged along the pavement in my walking boots with two pairs of socks on underneath, the woman in front of me (who was definitely old enough to know better) was teetering along in stilettos!  I was astounded.  Admittedly I can’t cope with stilettos on any ground in any weather, but icy, snow ground calls for much more sensible footwear than that.  Her feet must have been frozen.  She    wasn’t wearing anything on her head, either.  Brrrr. Mittens 3  

As we were getting out of bed and looking out of the window at the snow, my husband said, “Where are my doughnuts?  Didn’t Leigh Anne say she made doughnuts when it snowed?  I’m moving in with her.”  Leigh Anne and family, you have been warned! . . .   Doughnut 



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2 responses to “Snow

  1. MrsC

    We have snow here too in the West Midlands. It’s still snowing in fact I think it’s getting heavier, I don’t mind the snow when its like this, it was crunchy under foot when I was out with the dog. What I do worry about is if it freezes…. ick

  2. WooHoo, party at my place. Come over any time. That would be soooooo cool. I’ve been gone all week because we had to have a new furnace installed during the coldest week of the year!! My sister was gone so we moved into her place. But we did have snow last week and we made doughnuts. Hubby was not there and was very sad that the one day it was “Make-Homemade-Doughnut-Because-Snowed-Day” he was stuck in warm, snowless Texas. I did make him a batch when he came back because he asked so nicely and that is just the kind of wife that I am;-).

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