The snow has all gone, and we haven’t even had a frost since last Thursday.  It is really quite mild for mid-February.  The ground is horrendously muddy again and drying the dog’s paws off takes ages.  I’m ending up washing my hands so many times a day that the damp has got into my nails and I now only have two nails that are not peeling badly. 

The dog’s ears are so badly inflamed (he is a spaniel, as the vet said, “Well, what do you expect? It goes with the territory.”) that he has had to have a steroid injection, and is on 6 drops twice a day in each ear.  The injection has made a big difference, Bertie is obviously much more comfortable and as a result it is also much easier to get him to cooperate with the ear drops.  He is a good natured dog, but he is an expert in passive resistance, and even reaching for the cupboard where the eardrops are housed sends him off to hide.  Although the dog’s complaint is “just one of those spaniel things,” his ears are remarkably bad for a young dog, so much so that the threat of surgery is only a year or so away unless we can improve things dramatically now.

After the realisation that we needed a tea set to host our “high tea and croquet at the Vicarage” (bought for £45 at our promises auction), I have spent far too much time looking at tea sets on ebay, mainly admiring handpainted items from the 1920s.  In the end I bid for a very pretty 1950s set – all dainty and pink (I felt high tea should be really girlie) and a very good price.  I liked the set so much that it even worked its way into my dreams, so I was pleased to find out out won it.  I have fantasies of Art Deco coffee sets now. . . I have often in the past wanted to collect china, but managed to subdue the desire, and now the beast has been awakened again!

Ebay is proving useful – I have also bought some fabric from there and have taken up patchwork in a small, and very simple, way.  I am working with some nice, muted homespun fabrics, just sewing squares together, still learning how to use the sewing machine.  Strangely, my husband seemed delighted to see what I was doing, so I have bought some more fabric. . .


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