This week’s menu is:

  • Wednesday – lasagne, salad;  mandarin tart
  • Thursday – sausages, mash, cabbage, carrots; meringues with fruit and whipped cream
  • Friday – seafood pasta, salad; rhubarb crumble
  • Saturday – baked potatoes, with beans and cheese; pancakes
  • Sunday – slow-roasted lamb (with garlic and rosemary), olive oil roast new potatoes, carrots, cauliflower, green beans;  strawberry torte
  • Monday – turkey fajitas; tarte tatin (frozen, ready-made!)

Last night we had our Church pancake party, which included pancakes with savoury and sweet fillings (I definitely ate too many), and pancake races (I lost).  Our Korean student ended up working at the restuarant he used to work at, at very short notice, last night, so I didn’t need to cook for him.  Which means that the mince I defrosted for his meal yesterday has to be used today.  Today is Ash Wednesday, and usually we eat something fairly simple and vegetarian, but the mince has to be used so lasagne this year.

Cottage pie, for those who were curious about last week’s menu, is a minced beef dish topped with mashed potato.  It is the beef version of shepherd’s pie which is made with lamb.  (No pastry involved).

Puddings are my downfall.  I rarely know what to make, and am trying to extend my limited repertoire.  Some weeks I cheat more than others by buying ready-made items.  I make my own tiramisu and baked cheesecake, used to make my own ice-cream but haven’t for a long time (can’t fit the ice-cream maker in the freezer!).  The mandarin tart will be tinned mandarin segments on a (shop-bought) flan base, with an orange jelly glaze.  The strawberry torte will be a pastry case filled with creme patissiere (which is still turning out quite lumpy for me!) topped with tinned strawberries and a red jelly glaze.


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