My father-in-law is miserable.  Why?  Because he won £300 on the National Lottery.  Apparently this is not enough, it should have been more money. “If only I’d had another number it would have been £30,000.”  (We have tried explaining to him time and again that the odds of being struck by lightning are better than his odds of winning big, explained that if he stopped smoking and stopped buying lottery tickets and scratchcards he would be better off, we have even tried explaining about giving money to charity. . . the odds of our being struck by lightning are better than the odds of getting through to him.)

I am overjoyed.  Why?  Because I’ve just won a book (Gerard Kelly, Stretch – looking at the book of Daniel).  It was one of the giveaways from Inspire magazine which is free to churches (and which I arranged for our Church to receive – which was a lot easier than actually getting people to take away this free publication each month has been).  And I didn’t even have to pay postage to enter the giveaway.

So, here we are, my father-in-law mumbling about how he should have won more, and me doing victory laps round the house waving my new book in the air.



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2 responses to “Winners

  1. Don’t you just love getting free things? I haven’t won things very often —but a few weeks ago i went into a Christian bookstore and signed their list and ended up winning a Christian C.D.
    I am just finishing up a 12 week study on the book of Daniel. It was done by Beth Moore of Living Proof Ministries out of Houston, Texas. The first few weeks were on integrity and the last part of the study has been on Daniels visions and end time events. Some of it was pretty heavy duty but last night was on Daniel praying and fasting and the angels who visited him. The whole video was good. Enjoy your book

  2. I love it! Love the perspective. 🙂

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