castles and cones

A friend-since-secondary-school of my husband visited us with his family on Sunday afternoon.  We had all talked about arranging a visit one weekend soon, but by last Thursday nothing definite had been arranged, and as Sunday was 5-year-old daughter’s birthday I thought they would not visit then.  Turned out that was exactly when they did want to visit (great way to ensure you kid gets birthday presents!), so I spent Saturday afternoon making and decorating a cake.  I decided to make a pink and white castle, using cupcakes with inverted ice cream cones for turrets.  (I cheated by using ready-to-roll icing)  Well, when finished it looked distinctly homemade – a castle with some subsidence problems – but still looked surprisingly stunning.  I had a lot of fun making it, and it went down well with adults and children alike.  A good time was had by all.  My husband and I gorged on the leftovers which we took as a picnic lunch when we went out for his day off yesterday.

I gave the dog one of the ice cream cones to eat.  He refused it.  Thinking maybe he hadn’t quite got the idea, I broke a piece off and gave it to him.  He spat it out.  This from a dog who eats absolutely anything,  including all kinds of items (many not usually considered edible) scavenged on the Common.  Suffice it to say that I will not be eating ice cream cones again!


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  1. I fixed this cake for my daughter on her 6th birthday. I used purple icing and purple M&Ms. It was cute. I am sure the little girl was pleased with your effort. I don’t think we can buy rolled icing. But we do see this a lot from high end bakery’s.

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