This week’s menu is:

  • Tuesday – mushroom stroganoff, rice;  apple crumble
  • Wednesday – goat’s cheese tart, new potatoes, spinach and leeks;  rich chocolate tarte (supermarket special offer!)
  • Thursday – steak, peppercorn sauce, oven chips (fries), onion rings, grilled tomatoes;  blueberry pierogi (new to me and to our supermarket – we have a lot of Polish immigrants living in this area now)
  • Friday – baked potatoes, tuna mayo, salad;  pineapple upside-down cake
  • Saturday – pasta carbonara, ceasar salad; pancakes
  • Sunday – roast pork, stuffing, roast pots, carrots, cauliflower, brussel sprouts
  • Monday – pizza, salad;  meringues with whipped cream and summer fruits

I am especially looking forward to the chocolate tarte (as you can tell none of us has given up chocolate for Lent!).


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