Our Korean student cooked Korean food as a treat for us on Sunday (and it was delicious, we are impressed with his cooking skills.  He cooked spicy chicken, and a seafood pancake type dish.), so we actually had our roast dinner on Monday night. 

  • Tuesday – fish steaks wrapped in bacon, cooked in a spinach sauce, mashed potatoes, spinach, leeks;  profiteroles (shop-bought)
  • Wednesday – mushroom stroganoff, rice;  muhallebi (a Turkish milk and semolina pudding)
  • Thursday – pizza, salad; Tiramisu
  • Friday – seafood pasta (with a garlic sauce), salad; rhubarb crumble
  • Saturday – chili con carne, rice; pancakes

Sunday is my husband’s birthday, and he has not decided what he wants to eat, yet!  I am to make cupcakes for everyone at church in the morning ( so I will be have a big baking session on Saturday afternoon.  I am looking forward to it!).  What we eat on Sunday night will affect what we have on Monday – so I can’t plan any further ahead with the menu yet, all I know is that I will be back at the supermarket on Friday!


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  1. Well look as very interesting for all week.Rgds

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