Adoption course, day 2

We really have been getting a lot out of the adoption course.  A lot of what we are hearing isn’t new to us (I’ve done background reading, we’ve both done courses on child abuse and protection, my husband is adopted), but even when it isn’t new just hearing it all put together, and looking at it from a different aspect, is helpful.  And it is nice to be in a group of people all going through the same thing. 



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3 responses to “Adoption course, day 2

  1. I have been blog hopping from CWO, I am glad to hear you are enjoying your course. My sister adopted two precious little girls, one was d0mestic and one was International (Russia). Good luck with everything, it is a wild and exciting ride.

  2. Kate, this thrills my heart! I look at my little Booger and think that somewhere there are Littles her size, with no mommies….it just makes me cry. May Father’s presence be in EVERY step of this process. I can’t wait to see who He has chosen to come live in your house. 🙂 (I’ve been busy enough that I might miss it if you don’t kick me – don’t hesitate to kick and kick hard, my dear!)

  3. vicaragekate

    Thank you for your support. It is a long process and we are still at a very early stage in it (actually step 5 on a 20 step staircase according to a handout from the agency!). There are so many children in need of good, loving parents – and I love hearing adoption stories!

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