Adoption course, day 3

We had our third day of the pre-assessment adoption course yesterday.  We actually caught the right bus this time – that really did make our journey there easier! (it is really nice to arrive calm and collected instead of puffing and panting having navigated back streets while running!!)  We have been enjoying the course, and have been waking up looking forward to going there.  Simon and I are also making the habit of having a nice meal together during our hour lunchbreak (although it was really nice when we were given lunch on day 2 of the course, we enjoyed chatting to the others over lunch), we don’t often get to sit down just the two of us so we are making that a bit of a feature of our time on the course.  Day 3 was about managing children’s behaviour and working out why they might be behaving badly, about boundaries and privacy, and we also had a doctor give a presentation on medical issues of relevance focusing particularly on genetic risks that children in care might have.  Filling in the feedback forms at the end of each day is being a big chore for me, however.  This form will be used to kick-start the home study, and has to be completed by us as individuals rather than as a couple.  It is taking me a very long time to write up each day, but we are both making sure that we do our forms at the end of each day.  Simon seems to find the feedback forms easier than I do.  We finally compared what we had written for a couple of different units and obviously our perspectives and what had struck us were (at least) subtly different, but I was re-assured that my way of writing things up was fine.

Final day, day 4 is tomorrow!  Today, however, I’m rushing around trying to catch up on cleaning, gardening (for which read massive cutting back programme), washing and ironing – rolling three days work into one!  (Well, I was rushing around, but am currently in a bit of a slump after overdoing the gardening!).



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3 responses to “Adoption course, day 3

  1. Just stumbled across your blog – looking forward to watching your journey!

  2. I know you are excited about the last day of your course. Keep us posted.

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