Adoption course, day 4

Our final day of the adoption course was good, too.  Most of the day was about the need for children to know about their background, to be able to talk about it and what they have been through, and how we could talk with children about their background and their adoption in age-appropriate ways. 

The course has been really good, well presented and well organized.  Over the four days we have met all of the social workers who work with the agency.  No one who was on the course dropped out – I think this reflects how thoroughly they do the preliminary interviewing.  If you are approved to adopt there is another 2 day training course before a child is placed with you.

By Monday morning we had our feedback forms ready and posted them in to the agency (we kept a copy for ourselves).  We are now waiting to hear back.  The next stage is a pre-assesment interview, after which we will be told whether they are willing to proceed with our application and if so we will be allocated a social worker who will do the home study.  They also have to run a Criminal Record Bureau (CRB) check on us (which they pay for), we have to have a medical with our GP who has to send a report to them (which we pay for), and they take up personal references.  I am slightly hazy about whether these checks and references are before or after the pre-assessment interview, at any rate we do not have any paperwork for them yet. 


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