One of our church family is a convert from Judaism.  About 6 weeks ago she offered to arrange a Passover meal for the church, as Passover conveniently fell on the Tuesday of Holy Week (i.e. last night) this year.  I was delighted because I have never been to a genuine Passover meal and yet have been forced twice to arrange and lead Passover meals for teenagers.  Excited to learn more I offered to help, thinking behind-the-scenes-preparation-work.  Well, I ended up with a major speaking role, leading a large portion of the evening!  Quite how that happened I’m still not sure, but our friend is charmingly persuasive, and pointed out that it is 42 years since she has been part of a Passover meal.  About 20 people came and we did the meal part as a bring-and-share.  It was a lovely evening, worshipful and moving.  It really felt as if we were entering into the Exodus story, and into what Jesus and his disciples would have experienced at the Last Supper.  We rejoiced at our freedom and redemption, and mourned for those enslaved and held captive in various ways in our world.  It was such a meaningful evening that I don’t begrudge the horrible 4 hours I spent on Saturday locked in the Church’s cupboard size office with the photocopier trying to produce and copy a suitable haggadah (liturgy) for the evening.  By the end of two and a half hours I was so desperate that I opened a box of chocolates I’d found there, and thus spent the rest of the day on a sugar high!



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2 responses to “Passover

  1. What a neat experience. My mom teaches mission stories to children during summer conferences and one is about a little boy who converts to Christianity.
    And yes, chocolate can be a great reward. I am glad God thought to share it with us.

  2. My brother works for Jews for Jesus (ministry)and they do Christ in the Passover presentations all over. They are a great opportunity to connect with Jews and for Christians to learn more about the Passover and it’s significance to Christians.
    Debbie aka The Real World Martha

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