I’m going off-line until next Tuesday – I look forward to seeing you then!

In the meantime, this link takes you to my Easter card to you all *:


(I only found www.dayspring.com at Christmas – I think it is a wonderful resource…)

May the peace of the Risen Lord Jesus Christ be with you all.

* – Do ignore the “envelope” – the only way I could work out of doing this was by sending the card to my husband first!



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  1. Happy Easter…
    I noticed on the right you didn’t have a cake but digestive biscuits – I love those (if they are chocolate covered….) But, as an American I have a question…could you explain why they are called that?

  2. Yes, to the comment above. What are they.
    Have a great Resurrection Day!
    Glad to hear things are moving forward in the adoption process.
    Continued prayer for ya’lls blessing.

  3. vicaragekate

    Petunia, I love the chocolate ones too, but at the moment we only have plain ones. As for the name, I have no idea – I have some research to do!
    As for what they are, they are a plain sweet wholemeal biscuit (cookie).

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