All your digestive biscuit questions answered!


Well, instead of just eating the biscuits I have actually done some research into them.  Digestive biscuits are a Scottish creation, dating back to one Alexander Grant in 1839.  Originally (and still) made by McVitie’s bakery, there are now supermarket own brand versions,and other bakery versions, as well.  They are a sweet wholemeal biscuit*.  The official story is that the name “disgestive” comes from the biscuits high content of baking soda, an aid to digestion (an antacid), but another theory is that it comes from the whole-wheat (good source of roughage) used.  This is definitely a snack food not a health food, though!  The version with a milk chocolate topping dates to 1925, and McVitie’s claim that 52 of their chocolate digestive are eaten each second in the UK.  Plain or chocolate this is Britain’s all-time favourite biscuit.  Plain ones make a great base for cheesecake, are good for dunking in a mug of tea, and are even good with a slice of cheddar cheese.

Apparently graham crackers pre-date digestives by some 100 years, but are apparently quite similar in their original (whole-wheat) form.

*In the UK a “biscuit” is flat, crunchy-ish and cooked in the oven (so “cookie” to Americans).  When I finally saw an American biscuit photographed on Mrs Catherine’s Making it Home site I immediately recognized it as a scone (pronunciation varies depending on where in the country you come from –  “_on” to me, as I’m Scottish, but pronounced with a long “o” as in “moan” by some English people, which sounds terribly pretentious  to Scots).   “Cookies” (or “American-style cookies”) exist over here now – they are large with a home-made look, and must have a soft, chewy texture.  (These and shortbread are actually my favourites)  These deserve to be a whole different category from biscuits!  Crackers (other than the Christmas kind with the snap, hat, motto and plastic toy) are a plain or savoury biscuit to eat with cheese.



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8 responses to “All your digestive biscuit questions answered!

  1. Thank you for the info. How cool to see and learn something new. We are all so different and I love those differences.
    If you found these little treats on our shelves most people would probably not eat them because of the name.
    We would probably assume they were in the wrong section of the store. 🙂
    Enjoy your digestive biscuits (cookies)!
    Have a great Lords day.

  2. I love McVitties especially dipped in tea. They’re hard to find here and when I do I stack up and slowly enjoy one “bickie” a day. love your blog!

  3. interesting material, where such topics do you find? I will often go

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  5. health foods that are organice and have natural source should be the stuff that we should take ~.-

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  7. hello

    digestive biscuit is not healthy. it contain alot of fat.

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