I’ve just received a really touching thank you email from the family I took a funeral for on Tuesday, and I am thrilled.  We so rarely receive thanks for anything we do whether it has been an easy task or a struggle. 

I had some tests under general anesthetic for our infertility three years ago, and instead of being home by lunchtime as the anesthetist confidently predicted, I ended up on the ward until the evening.  The nurses were all really kind.  I had a check-up a couple of weeks later at another part of the hospital site 10 miles away.  I had a thank you card for the nurses in my bag to post on my way home, but as I talked with a nurse who was sitting in on the check-up she said whe usually worked on the ward where I’d had my op and would be going back there later on in the day.  I asked if she would mind taking something to her fellow nurses on the ward and she looked extremely suspicious.  Then I explained that it was just a thank you card that I was on my way to post and the surprise and delight on her face was astonishing.  A “thank you” was obviously extremely rare! 

Expressing our gratitude to people can make such a difference to them.  Cultivating a grateful and thankful heart towards God and letting it overflow into the lives of those around us leads to such joy in us and in others.


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