Our Korean student has just left on a holiday to Italy (being all the way over here he might as well explore some of Europe while he has the chance).  This means less formal cooking, and less need for precision about the timing of dinner.  It would have been better for me if he’d gone three days ago, though, as I have been laid up with some kind of stomach complaint/ women’s trouble (I feared it might be food poisoning at first and that I had endangered everyone’s health, but I was the only sufferer).  I managed to crawl out of bed to cook dinner, but left everything else untouched, including the gigantic mound of ironing in the living room.  I’m off to tackle that growing mound now, and I’ll be watching one of the Time-Life Bible adaptations, on rental from Amazon.  Tomorrow our Church has its first ever minibus trip – a small group of us are off to St Cross Hospital (medieval almshouses) on the outskirts of Winchester.  On Saturday, while our super-clean Korean is out of the way, I am going to re-paint the shower room which has been growing mould (in case you are concerned about our cleanliness we also have a bath).  Then, in the evening, my husband is going to take me out for a meal and then on to a production of Verdi’s Aida.

Our menu for this week is:

tonight:  kidney in red wine sauce (in the slow-cooker, kidney is cheap so I’m learning to cook it), mashed potatoes, cabbage;  last night’s left over lemon and sultana cheesecake (result of a successful experiment)

Friday:  baked potatoes, tuna mayo, salad;  jelly

Saturday: ready-meal for Father-in-law;  Simon and I are out!

Sunday:  roast chicken, stuffing, roast pots, carrots, green beans;  fruit tart

Monday:  possibly out?!

Tuesday:  pasta and salad; ice cream

after this I am going to do a bit of freezer clearing, so anything in any combination might be on the menu!  I have got some ice cream in to keep my husband sweet, though. . .


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