Through to the next round!

We have just heard back from the adoption agency, and we have been approved to proceed with our application.  And the social worker we have been allocated is one of the ones we had taken a liking to, an older black lady with lots of experience.  I’m thrilled, but Simon doesn’t know about this yet as he is in Church – I’ll go round and tell him as soon as the service he is taking is over.  We now have what looks like a huge form to fill in which is our official application to adopt.  In reality the form is not as daunting as it first appears, as it consists mainly of our personal details, addresses that we have lived at during the past ten years, details of others living in our home, doctor’s details, and details of referees.  Of the three referees needed for each of us, one should be a relative who has known us since childhood (that narrows it down to my mother in my case!), the other two should not be related to us and at least one of them should know us as a couple.  We also need to get together a variety of proof of identity documents (standard for CRB, i.e., Criminal Records Bureau, checks).  I’d never thought about this before, but I am interested to note that a certificate of adoption does not appear on the list of acceptable documents.  Hmm.

I’m off to tell Simon the good news.  I’ll be back later to tell you what else I’ve been up to.


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  1. I am so glad to hear your good news. Congrats!
    God is at work–it will be neat to see the details unfold.

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