I obviously overdid things on Saturday – I ended the day with a hurting right hand with swollen, painful and almost immobile joints on my first three fingers.  Thankfully, that has cleared up quickly, my fingers are still a little stiff but that is all.  It did make tricky and slow-moving chores out of getting ready on Sunday morning, and cooking the joint on Sunday evening, though.  Saturday went like this:

  • up, tea, prayer, breakfast
  • make sandwiches for a meeting at Church
  • walk dog
  • saw wood
  • shower self and dog
  • a couple of loads of washing
  • some time on the internet
  • hoover
  • scrub kitchen floor (that took the best part of an hour as the kitchen is quite roomy), then mop it
  •  bake and ice cakes, bake cheesecake and Yorkshire pudding for Sunday
  • cook dinner
  • ironing
  • do nails

Scrubbing the kitchen floor was probably what hurt my hand.  I usually mop the floor, blaming how it looks on the elderly lino (same goes for the bathroom).  It occurred to me last week that, at least on an occasional basis, it probably needs some rather more serious cleaning, that it has not had this during the two and a half years we’ve been living here, and that it probably hadn’t had that for quite some time before.  It does look a bit lighter and brighter now. Later this week I shall do the same with the bathroom floor.

Simon was finishing off his sermon on Saturday evening, and I wanted to get things done before Sunday, so I carried on working after dinner.  Simon then finished earlier than I’d expected and complained that I was not able to sit down and relax with him, nor go to bed early with him.  It took me a good few minutes (with thoughts along the lines of “I’m not exactly doing the ironing just for my own amusement,” “doing my nails is the pamper-treat I’ve been looking forward to all day”), but then I realised that he does actually have a point (the pain in my hand was setting in at this time, and might have helped me get some clarity).  He wants to be at his best to lead worship on Sundays, and he would prefer me to help him by making the atmosphere relaxed and cheerful on a Saturday evening (choosing this over ironed shirts, if necessary).  So, I have made a commitment to him that I will re-arrange my Saturdays and no longer carry on doing chores on a Saturday evening. 


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  1. Isn’t it amazing the things we will be willing to set aside when the Lord is ruling over our heart?
    I have had to be willing to go to bed earlier with my husband instead of staying up later. He sleeps better with me there. So because I love him and I want to be a servant–I do. Sometimes I stay up late–but just not all the time.
    Thanks for being a great example of a Godly woman.
    Sometimes our emotions don’t line up with what is right–but God still expects our obedience. Our emotions will line up later.
    Hope you are having a blessed day.
    How’s the bathroom floor coming? 🙂

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