the girlfriend

Well, our Korean student’s girlfriend turns out to be very petite, very pretty and very nice.  She is also a very good cook – they cooked dinner for us on Monday evening, and it was absolutely delicious. (we are also impressed by their ability to tackle a task together amicably, we think it is a good sign!) 

Having been cooked for on Monday, I’m just transfering each night’s dinner menu to the following night.  This means that I have only to shop for milk and a couple of household requisites this week, everything else foodwise we already have in stock! Yippee! (I knew this day would come sometime)  I’m experimenting with baking all our own bread at the moment, starting this week, I’ll let you know how that goes!  The menu for Saturday and Sunday will be:

  • Saturday:  pizza, salad;  tiramisu
  • Sunday:  roast pork, roast pots, stuffing, carrots, cauliflower, green beans;  lime cheesecake on ginger biscuit base (I’m experimenting again)

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