Bread baking

Making all our own bread is going well.  I’ve been experimenting with different recipes, so far the most successful ones have been a half spelt half wholemeal loaf, and challah bread (the traditional Jewish sabbath day bread that has egg in it).  The challah bread was such a hit I think I might continue to make it for Sundays.  I love the way the loaf looks having been braided from three pieces of dough, I like the traditional festive/shabbat link, and also there seems something truly festive about eating white bread on Sundays and wholemeal during the week!  At the moment I’m making little and often, but when we get a larger freezer  my plan is to make larger batches and freeze some.  I’ve just been calculating how much each loaf costs, and even though I’m using organic flour it works out cheaper than I’d thought.  Healthier, too.

Ironically, when I was a little girl, my mother made all our bread for a while.  She always made wholemeal and I hated it!  Well, actually, I loved the smell on baking days, and I loved having a slice of bread still warm from the oven, but the rest of the time, when it seemed dry and solid, I hated it.  I longed for white shop-bought bread.  Now, I’m baking my own wholemeal loaves!


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  1. Post your recipe I would love to try it.
    I had been doing some bread making in my bread machine. I have not been doing as much lately as I have not been able to find a recipe I like.

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