wfmwheader2.jpg Here’s hoping that my learning this lesson the hard way will save someone else from maiming themselves. . .

What I should have done on Monday was wear a thick (preferably leather) gardening glove on the hand not wielding the secateurs (garden scissors).  This would have protected me when I mistook my finger for a branch.

Better to be wise after the event than never wise at all!



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4 responses to “works-for-me-Wednesday

  1. OMGosh! Did you cut your finger off????? Last year, I slammed my thumb into a can lid and had to get 11 stitches. I hope you were not too seriously hurt!

  2. Oh, okay…I scrolled down. I can’t believe you walked to the hospital. I was lucky in that my son was home. He drove me to the hospital. You are right…getting stitched hurts. I hope you heal quickly and don’t have too much pain. Me…my best friend was “Ultracet” for a few days, LOL!

  3. vicaragekate

    OOoouch!!! 11 stitches!! It hurts me just to think about that . . . all things considered I think I got off very lightly!

  4. Haven’t seen a new post in a long time.
    I pray things are fine and you have just been really busy.
    Just wanted you to know I was watching you blog and thinking about you.

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