We are going off to Ireland on holiday – this is the view from the house we will be staying in.  Doesn’t it look lovely!  I am so looking forward to having my early morning cup of tea in front of that view.  We are excited.  We have the house for a fortnight, and we will be camping for a couple of nights on the way over and back.  Last time we camped, last September, we got caught on the Isle of Arran (Scotland) in the tail end of Hurricane Gordon – raather unpleasant!  – we are hoping for a better time this holiday!

We are taking the dog with us, and the cat will stay at home with my father-in-law who has a younger cousin coming to stay.  Sadly, our Korean guest will be going home while we are away, so we will be having a good-bye meal tonight.

See you in two-and-a-bit weeks. . .



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  1. I’m SO jealous….I LOVE Ireland. I’ve been looking up the weather and it’s been COLD….

    Hope you have a fabulous time!!!

  2. I am throwing a fit of jealousy right now!

  3. Mrs C

    My family are from Ireland, I just love it there, Hope you have a wonderful time x

  4. Oh, what a beautiful view! I wish I were with you! :o) Hope you are having a great trip! (Or had…you may be back by now. I’m kinda behind in my blog reading. LOL)

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