Well, we’re coming to the end of the three day diet* and boy are we looking forward to dinner!  My father-in-law has been eating the diet dinners with us but has been supplementing them with a cheese sandwich at bedtime (not to mention the odd packet of biscuits, bar of chocolate, etc. etc.).  Simon and I have been hungry but we have stuck to it.  It is difficult to know how much weight I have lost until I can weigh myself properly, but I think my holiday weight increase has gone – my clothes fit better now.  From Sunday we can go back to proper, balanced, healthy meals.  I’m trying to convince my husband that cutting out unhealthy snacks and eating smaller portions will make a big difference for him, and that these faddy crash diets are unhealthy and unpleasant. 

Tomorrow all dieting is off as we are going up to Oxford for a reunion of some of us who shared accomodation together when I was at university.  One is a former boyfriend of mine who married my bridesmaid.  Another two of us also got married to each other.  I am the only other person in our circle who is married and Simon is an outsider to the group, although he has met some of them before, so it won’t be quite as interesting for him as for me.  I haven’t seen any of us for over two years and some I haven’t seen in the last five years so I’m quite excited!  Also, one of our number has just returned from a work trip to France so we are promised an excellent cheese-board!  What made our group unusual was that we were all Christians (from different denominations), and I am really looking forward to hearing where each of us is on our walk with Christ.

*Beetroot is, I think, called beets in the US – Sharon, please do let me know if that is wrong – here is a picture :



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  1. Quite a bit going on with you! Yes – those are what we call beets in the US.

    The diet sounds……(well, I’d like to exaggerate and say that it sounds lovely…but….) miserable. 🙂 So sorry! 🙂

    Welcome back from vacation – and – hope that your finger continues to heal nicely. It sounds like a tough injury!

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