Adoption interviews update

We saw our social worker for a quick chat and for her to check all our identification papers before we went on holiday.  Then, this week, I had my personal interview with her.  The purpose of the personal interviews is to cover our childhoods and past before we became a couple. My session went on for almost 3 hours (we’d only planned for and hour and a half) and we got up to when I was 17 (Simon said “You only got half-way through your life?!”), so I will have another interview in a fortnight’s time to cover the remaining 10 years before we married.  Simon is being interviewed next week.  We also have to see our doctor for our medicals at the end of next week.  So, things are moving forward, albeit very slowly.  May God’s will for us,whatever that is, be done.


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One response to “Adoption interviews update

  1. I was wondering if things were moving forward.
    Long interview—I guess that is what happens when two women get together. 🙂

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