Balaam had a donkey, we have a spaniel

Our dog is a very sociable creature and especially hates being locked up alone when he can hear people in another room.  Rather than shut him in the kitchen on his own, on Wednesday evening I decided to let him join the women’s Bible study in the living room.  I tied him to the table to keep him out of everybody’s way, but he was so excited by everyone arriving that he kept trying to drag the table across the room to greet them.  The moment we started praying he quitened down – to the amazement of everyone else but me.  This dog knows something special is going on when we pray.  Animals do sense things, don’t they?  

But, here is the surprising twist, he knows something is going on (going wrong?) when we don’t pray.  Our holiday routine was very different to when we are at home, but whether in the holiday house or in the car, Simon and I prayed together in the morning, in the evening and at bedtime (back home morning and evening praying is done on our own).  One evening when it was beginning to get late and we had not said our evening prayers we realised the dog was trying to round us up.  He kept coming up to us and then would go and sit where we usually went to pray and stare at the Bible and prayer book.  Duly rebuked, we hurried to pray! 


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  1. How cool!
    We find that God uses our daughter to do this. This past week I had a horrible crick in my neck and was in a good deal of pain. Julia asked me if she could pray for me so that my neck would get better. I had not prayed yet.
    Later in the day she asked if I was feeling better, “because you know prayers work”.
    From the mouth of a child.

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