It is here!

It arrived on Friday, and is now plugged in and working:

freezer.jpgIt is our new freezer.  Isn’t it lovely?  Actually, we would rather have had it in white but silver is all that was left, and after three months of hoping it would go on sale, checking my research, checking again to make sure there were no better options within our budget, it was finally the right time to purchase.  At 185 cms high (making it taller than our fridge/freezer) it has a good capacity, and it is A+ rated for energy efficiency. 

At the moment all I have in my new best friend is some ice cubes (Simon has been complaining bitterly about the lack of ice cubes in our house for weeks), but it won’t stay empty for long!  I’m looking forward to making the most of special offers at the supermarket, and to cooking extra food to freeze. 

Yesterday I went to a farmers’ market.  It is held everyweek on Saturday mornings, only about 4 miles away from us, but it was the first time I had been.  It was pouring with rain and I spent quarter of an hour driving round and round and round a small grid of streets hoping for a parking space, any parking space, anywhere. (I eventually got one just outside the gates but felt quite dizzy for some time)  Most of the produce was out of my price range (I would love to be able to buy all groceries organic but it is just not affordable for us – we are just beginning to switch to organic for some items), but one farmer was selling traditionally reared organic meat at reasonable prices.  I bought a small piece of grass-fed beef to roast for dinner tonight.  Our plan is currently for me to go to the market once a month to buy (and freeze) meat for the month.    


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