My mother and I went to the Royal Horticultural Society’s flower show at Hampton Court Palace on Friday.  It was absolutely spectacular!

mangetout_lge.jpg  This garden, “Mange tout” (yes, it was all fruit and veg) by Francesca Cleary and Ian Lawrence, was just one of many spectacular exhibits.  The gardens are all put together in the two weeks before the week-long show – wow!  Not all the exhibits were large – there were some astounding hanging baskets and window boxes as well as the gardens of different sizes.  My mother and I walked our feet off touring everything, then watched the programme on TV in the evening when we got home saying things like, “I don’t remember that bit,” and “Gosh, doesn’t that look larger/smaller/different on TV”.  We were blessed with dry weather (after two weeks of heavy rain), and my mother didn’t let a stinking cold/cough slow her down. 

Going round the show has encouraged me to get out and get to grips with our garden – Simon and I have plans to start a small vegetable plot (for which read “plans for me to start . . .”) – and I have some magazines and also some books from the library for inspiration.  A previous vicar’s wife was a keen gardener so we have inherited a few good plants; we have an apple tree which is fruiting well, and a red currant bush which produced a kilo of fruit which I made into red currant jelly on Thursday.  I’d really rather spend time in the kitchen than the garden (at least I can eat my mistakes in the kitchen!), so growing some of our own veg might be a good direction to go in!



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2 responses to “gardens

  1. We have enjoyed te fruit of my husbands labor this year. Watermelons, peas, corn. I cleaned the corn and shucked the peas–now I just have to blanch them to be ready for the freezer.
    It is great having fresh fruit and veggies.
    We have a pair tree, they are still small so I am not sure how many the tree will produce.
    What fun you and your Mother had. Thanks for the picture.

  2. vicaragekate

    My mouth is watering at the sound of your home-grown fruit and veg. You are so blessed to have a good gardener in your household!

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