When the alarm went off this morning my husband and I were less than willing to get up.  Simon and I aren’t really morning people at the best of times, and it was painfully obvious that Simon had caught the cold my mother had at the weekend.  We eventually dragged ourselves out of bed, and I decided to have breakfast before walking the dog.  I was half-way into my mug of tea, the brain just beginning to wake up, when I remembered with horror that dog and I have a vet’s appointment (for boosters) this morning*.  An early appointment.  By walking at a quick trot we got there just a couple of minutes late and discovered to my relief that the vet was also running late.  Very late.  This meant a long wait in the waiting room, which the dog loved and I hated.  Imagine a small, hot room (with me quietly steaming from the race to get there), smelling of tom cat, with people coming and going all the time, and several people waiting there all with cats.  Now put into that room an extremely hyperactive and over-friendly spaniel.  The longest I got him to sit for was about 10 seconds.  I was exhausted before we got to see the vet.  Then, we had to come back out into the waiting room and queue to pay and collect some ear drops.  All the cats were still there (as I said the vet was running late), but now there were also several dogs as well, including one extremely cute puppy that our dog snapped at.  I was mortified at this lack of chivalry.  Oddly, once I started petting the puppy to console it, our Bertie decided it wasn’t such a threat after all.  Add to all this the fact that I was still in a sort of shock after the vet had told me to beware of adders as the wet weather we have had seems to be bringing them out in larger numbers this year (I am extremely snake-phobic;  the vet may have been running very late but he was in no hurry to catch up so we had a nice chat about our foreign upbringings, snakes, phobias, the weather, etc.). . .

I now feel ready for a quiet lie-down in a darkened room with a damp cloth on my forehead.  After having checked the room for slithering invaders, that is.

 *Obviously my organizational skills have taken a bit of a nose-dive at the moment.  Ironically I have just been reading a book called “the 15 minute organizer.”  I found my diary hidden under it.


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